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The North Dublin GP Training Scheme (NDCGP) is the first GP training scheme that specifically trains GPs to work in areas of deprivation and with marginalised groups. The scheme was founded in North Dublin in 2009. This is an area with vast tracts of blanket deprivation. The GP : patient ratio was 1:2500 versus 1:600 nationally. There was difficulty recruiting GPs in areas of deprivation, a factor not unique to Ireland. Research shows that the presence of a GP training scheme in an area has a positive impact on recruitment and retention of GPs in that area; in Dublin there were 3 GP training schemes in the relatively affluent South of the city and none in the North of the city.

The scheme has several innovative elements including a social medicine module; a self-care module; a change management module and in their final year, GP Registrars are placed in social/inclusion medicine posts.
These include placements in: Merchants Quay Ireland Homeless and Drugs Services , The Capuchin Day Centre for HomelessDóchas Women's PrisonSafetynet Primary Care in reach and Mobile Health and Screening services, and SPIRASI as well as a no of HSE Satellite methadone clinics and local community based services.



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